Being Punjabi is not just about a language, a type of cuisine or about a region in Indian continent. 'Punjabi' is a way of life. It’s a way of living to the fullest, every waking moment.

Whether it is about finding and raiding the best dhabas in the city, whether it is partying with the whole town or inside your car at 2 AM, whether it is about being the best buddy one can find or whether it is about loving your parents, country, food and everyone around, Punjabis, undoubtedly do it the best.

But Punjabis do have a special relationship with dance and food. They do believe that a way to man’s heart is through his belly. Oh and what magnificent and mighty bellies they got!

If the smell of char-grilled murgh tikka puts a smile on your face, if a tandoor roti & a perfect saag make your day, if a glass of Patiala lassi makes you feel like heaven or if a bhangra beat invariably makes you start jumping, you are Punjabi By Nature.

We don't just cook. We take the songs from the sarso fields, lazzat from the lanes of Amritsar and spices from the streets of Lahore with all the relishes, colours and madness in between and bring those straight to your table.

Everyone has a Punjabi hidden inside, all you need is some delicious butter chicken to realize it.